What's Going on in Sudan...

We’re all had enough of politics, brexit, the seemingly hopelessness of 21st century. But it's encouraging & interesting to see support for little known Sudan, who are mostly being ignored by the mass media as it doesn't fit into its news values. Sudan are starting to experience a brutal military takeover that could be a new haven for Isis, mass murder, slavery & cause mass exodus of refugees. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia use Sudanese to fight in the Yemen & could impose their power over Sudan itself.

On April 11, Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's dictating president of the last 30 years, was overthrown from power by frustrated citizens who had been subjected to decades of dictatorship.

The Sudanese military reportedly took hold of the temporary government it had formed, and the Sudanese people held a protest. Even though their protest was a nonviolent strike, the military responded violently. The World Health Organization reports that the military killed 52 protestors, injured 700 others, but civilian reports claim those numbers are much higher & bodies were thrown into the Nile River.

Many women have reportedly been singled out, raped, and had their underwear stolen as a “war trophy,” according to the London Times. As reported by The Hill, one protest leader said, “The militia knows that if they break the women, they break the revolution. In this culture, there is no greater punishment for women than sexual crimes.”

In an attempt to keep people from reporting the military for the attack and to keep people from asking other countries for help, the military reportedly shut down the internet across Sudan.

If this sounds like another hopeless African crisis - it isn’t.

It’s not too late, the Sudanese people want democracy yet are struggling to gain momentum.

Western involvement in these situations has been far from successful, but it's proven doing nothing creates a perfect human rights abyss. The UN are always vetoed by Russia, China, proving them yet again redundant.

This is where we can help our fellow humans.

The hashtag #BlueforSudan is trending across social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and users are posting solid blue pictures and changing their profile pictures to blue.

The colour has come to represent the crisis after the death of activist Mohamed Mattar, whose favourite colour was blue. The 26-year-old engineer was fatally shot during the June 3 crackdown on a pro-democracy protest camp.

It's intriguing that this Sudan crisis is breaking through the awful Brexit backlash politics, showing people do care, even though they feel powerless in a seemingly divided bitter nation.

Awareness is the first step.

Tweet, post, make it important. Solidarity.


Waging Peace - Sudanese Peace Charity www.facebook.com/WagingPeaceUK/

UNICEF, Save the Children, International Rescue Committee.