Stan Lee - A life Wild

My obsessions started young with the animated Spider-Man & xmen series & continue today with the incredible film series. Stan Lee was the first to bring complex emotional life to cartoon characters in a way children & adults could enjoy. "they’d be fallible & feisty, most important of all, inside their colourful costumes they’d still have feet of clay.”

His cameos where always welcome & funny, he'll be sorely missed from those! As a result he stared in 121 films & many animated series! Mr. Lee was for many the embodiment of Marvel, if not comic books in general, and oversaw his company’s emergence as an international media behemoth.

During World War II, Mr. Lee wrote training manuals stateside in the Army Signal Corps while moonlighting as a comics writer. In 1947, he married Joan Boocock, a former model who had moved to New York from her native England.

In a profile in The New York Times in April, a cheerful Mr. Lee said, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” adding that “my daughter has been a great help to me” and that “life is pretty good” — although he admitted in that same interview, “I’ve been very careless with money.”

A writer, editor, publisher, Hollywood executive and tireless promoter (of Marvel and of himself), he played a critical role in what comics fans call the medium’s silver age.Many believe that Marvel, under his leadership and infused with his colorful voice, crystallized that era, one of exploding sales, increasingly complex characters and stories, and growing cultural legitimacy for the medium. (Marvel’s chief competitor at the time, National Periodical Publications, now known as DC — the home of Superman and Batman, among countless other characters — augured this period but did not define it, with its 1956 update of its superhero the Flash.)

For me, he allowed us to let our imagination run wild! What a great long life! 🙂

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