Coventry City Council - Media Proposal

I will provide video content for Coventry City Council to directly appeal to and inform the people of Coventry of your beneficial policies and actions, which will be optimised for social media.


  • Using video to inform Coventry citizens directly of the beneficial actions Coventry City Council has taken to improve their city.

  • Through video advise and make aware the features of Labour's Coventry City Council.

  • Help people engage with the council by referring the viewer to the appropriate department.


Video Qualities 

  • The videos will be approximately 30 seconds to 3 minutes, this usually takes 1 working day, involving filming, editing, then approval which may involve edit revisions. 

  • Its important that the video features people who are directly involved in the issue, as well as the council representative if appropriate.

  • The Council representative could be the interviewer, if not I am well experienced in interviewing. 

  • I like to film very concisely, only filming what I need which creates a much quicker process to the final piece. 

  • The videos have to grab the viewer immediately as social media’s attention span is continually declining. This can be achieved by pleasing visuals, clear sound and to the point filmmaking. 

  • We would plan the video based on an event, issue or action, then arrange certain important interviewees to be filmed. I will also film cutaways, which visually describe the themes issue to make the video more engaging and professional to watch. 

  • There could be different final versions of the video for different outputs such as Facebook, a website or local news media. 

  • I will also take photographs of the key points during the video production for social media use. 


My day rate is £150, to film, edit and export a final mini video that is approved. Some videos will inevitably require longer filming if needed and may incur an extra days work. 


I often work alone making these videos, experiencing great success, this also reduces costs, though I have fellow filmmakers I can contact for further assistance if required. 


We can create an archive of footage to draw back on for future use, it also might be a good idea to create a public collection of videos for people to refer and enjoy. 

I look forward to engaging with this project and hope to discuss details further,


Thank you, Russell Whitehead 

About me



International Photographer & Videographer based in Coventry, United Kingdom


Projects include capturing Events, Business Promotion, Special Occassions, Music, Art & Weddings.


Work Featured in Herbert Art Gallery Museum 


Publications include BBC, Coventry Evening Telegraph. Leamington Observer


Bachelor of Art, Distinction of Art - Masters Degree.


Former Assistant Lecturer & Sessional Art Therapist.

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