Locust: My Review


Immediately hit with a sense of claustrophobia, it’s not going to be an easy ride. With a tight location, tight filming, you can’t help feel slowly suffocated with the dust surrounding them. I don’t suffer with any of those irrational physical fears but I felt it. Maybe they should give a warning!


Strong, brilliant performances from the cast giving us no reason to doubt the situation further reflected in the cinematography with a almost sinister sense of a uncomfortable jarring journey. The constant noise of travelling, hustle, constructed a further sense of claustrophobia, yet with a rhythm of a hypnotising dance. This film will make you want to cover you ears and grab the nearest drink to quench your relief.      


In a more conceptual way there are three main possible feelings representing psychological, spiritual or realist issues. Fear of the unknown of whats going on, maybe even Freudian notions of the oedipus complex, or any irrational fear. "The power of three is universal and is the tripartide nature of the world as heaven, earth, and waters. It is human as body, soul and spirit." Birth, life, death. Beginning, middle end. The container could even be seen as the restless mind, soul, purgatory, perhaps a prison of madness. But of course this is all too real, we know people are going through this every day, mostly at the sacrifice of themselves to help others. Like my favourite line from the film, unfortunatly "it is never enough."    


For me the ending represents a strong emotion, regardless of if it was a happy ending or apocalyptic, the height of feeling is the same. Maybe life, maybe death, one and the same... Like all Brian’s projects it was very enthralling with that magic of cinema, that never really can be described yet felt. Thank you Brian and co.

Russell Whitehead.