CCFC - The End Of A Great Story?!

My Grandad used to take my Mum, brother & I to see Coventry back in the 90's at Highfield Road. It was always incredible to walk up from the stairs into the arena. It's heartbreaking to see the club fallen into such an impossible situation, surely one of football's greatest tragedies. The club now has until March 5th to say where it will play its home games - or it could be expelled from the League by April 25. Coventry City's financial situation means that it no longer owned the stadium & must pay rent to use it. Coventry City Council sold their share to Wasps without consultation. Sisu are seeking damages from Wasps as a result of this & that they saved the club from bankruptcy. Sisu-rela

Nostalgia - Back to the Golden Age?

"Oh the good old days".. It's easy to say, easier to think. People generally think they'd be happier living in an earlier time. A simpler time. Maybe a time without global warming, tv, nuclear weapons. Yet, is nostalgia denial, a romantic wondering of people struggling to cope with the present. This is called 'Golden Age' thinking. We currently live in a time where everything seems to have gone wrong, from Brexit, economic crashes to us ruining the environment. So we are left stranded: unstable in the present, being dragged from the past, resistant to the future. What is Nostalgia? A wistful sentimental yearning for return to the past. Something that has gone & can never get back. It consist

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